When using our ballrooms, we ask our hosts and guests to please respect our historic facility. Our rules and policies are in place to help preserve the building, guest safety, and ensure a pleasant experience for current and future guests.


No outside food or beverage is permitted. Including chocolate fountains (this one time, we had a guest knock theirs over… wow it sure was a disaster). See Cake in our Policies.

Please, please do not rearrange, move or remove any furniture or artwork. We will set up tables/rooms in a way that meets the needs of your guests and makes the facility look amazing. Also, no last minute changes or more tables will be made/set up during events.

To promote safety: Glitter, confetti, flower petals (roses too), rice, potpourri, stones, sand, fake snow, real snow, rocks, balloons, bird seed, ribbon paper, sprinkles, paper airplanes, lavender buds, pom-poms. Some of these items will hurt guests, put out eyes, and create a slip hazard on our gleaming floors. Balloons float to the ceiling, and they’re hard to get down.

The following decorations will not be permitted: Fog machines, excessive flames, or smoke. Excessive smoke and fog machines will set off the fire alarm, which will result in the fire department responding and levying fines for a false alarm.

To preserve our facility: You may not staple, duct tape, tack, pushpin, art gum, double-sided tape anything to walls, floors, trim, light fixtures, bars, doors or ceiling grids.

Children: Kids are more than welcome to participate in the celebrations, however, for their safety, we ask the following of all parents/guardians/caretakers: Watch your children like you’re a hawk. Our stairs are wooden, terrazzo, and marble, a tumble down the stairs will cause an injury, do not let your children run or play on or near the stairs. There is no playing or running in the ballrooms, bathrooms, elevator, kitchens, bars, or outside. Our lawyers say we have to use the following phrase in capital letters; CHILDREN MUST BE UNDER ADULT SUPERVISION AT ALL TIMES.

Do not pull the fire alarm, do not pull the fire alarm, the fire department will respond, and fine you. However, in the event of a fire, please pull the fire alarm and proceed to the stairs calmly.


Your access to your rented ballroom(s) begins at 9 a.m. the day of the event. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you’re having a ceremony here, you are permitted 1 hour of rehearsal time, no decorations.

Entertainment. All entertainment should be set-up at least a half hour before the guests arrive, and stop a half hour after the bar closes. There are no last calls. We will not serve alcohol to minors, intoxicated or disorderly persons. We reserve the right to refuse bar service to anyone.

Once the bar closes, you have 1 hour to remove your decorations, including centerpieces. This policy includes DJ’s and entertainment set-ups. Additional charged may occur if you fail to comply.

Cake. While we offer cakes and cake service, you’re permitted to bring in a cake. It must be delivered and set up on the day of the event.

We must approve all centerpieces and decorations before the event for the safety of your guests. Please schedule all outside vendor appointments must in advance at our availability.

Decorations are permitted in the rented ballroom(s) only. Foyer, Entrances, Elevator, stairwell are off limits.

No excess damage to our facility. We will charge you for any damage to our facility.

Disclaimer: The Lafayette Grande is not responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen property.

We want your event to be so much fun, but not at the expense of safety. Abuse of our rules or policies may result in termination of your event.