See the Lafayette Grande

Explore our facility & get some great corporate party ideas. Below are some pictures from a Grande-style party we had here in September.

It’s a Circus in here!

Great Corporate Party Idea!

In September we had a grand party that used the entire building! A circus-themed corporate event party. It’s a great corporate party idea! Complete with a Ferris wheel, hot dog and elephant ear stands, tarot readings, and a spread of treats that Willy Wonka would be envious of! Take a look at the photos below, and there’s a button to schedule a tour if you’d like to start planning your incredible corporate party here!

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At this amazing corporate party, they rented the entire building, had rides and games in the Lafayette Ballroom, and in the parking lot. Their food choices were incredible, on the 2nd floor Grande Ballroom, they had a live concert, and a surf & turf spread on the mezzanine. With crab legs, shrimp, beef, lobster, great snacks and finger foods, and of course a live concert!

And on the 3rd Floor Crystal Ballroom, they had a live DJ, with so many desserts! Profertteral Towers, cupcakes, cake cakes, candies, caramel apples, chocolate covered bacon (Yum!) With the open bars on every floor, it was the party of the year!

"The food was incredible, the service was beyond amazing, the staff would do anything to make us happy, and the ballroom is just spectacular!"

Phyllis Bond